Don’t Discount The Effect Of The Holidays

, , , | Right | December 22, 2017

(I am a manager of a chain beauty store. I am sent to fill in at a location 50 miles from my home store. During the Christmas rush, a nervous customer places nearly $300 worth of merchandise on the counter, and requests a manager.)

Me: “Hi, you asked to see me? How can I help?”

Customer: “Umm… well, um… I need the employee discount.”

(Only managers are allowed to process employee purchases.)

Me: “Oh, of course! You have a great selection here!”

(At the end of the transaction, I ask for her employee I.D. so I can enter it into the system, to complete the purchase.)

Customer: “Oh, umm… I don’t work at THIS location… I was just recently hired. I don’t have a number yet! I work at the [My Home Store] store!”

Me: *faking cheerfulness* “Wow! What a coincidence! That is my store! I am just helping out here today. I don’t remember hiring you, though.”

(She looked like a deer caught in headlights for a few seconds, then bolted out. It took me a few moments to contain my laughter before I could get back to work.)

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