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Don’t Cross That Bridge When You Come To It

, , , | Related | September 12, 2020

My grandfather had a series of mini-strokes which eventually made him blind in one eye and also affected the sight in the other. The doctor recommended he stop driving as his long-distance vision was affected and he had no depth perception. He had a few close misses when pulling out into traffic. My mother wanted his license to be taken away but my grandmother refused as it would upset him, but she did insist that she do the driving from then on.

One morning, Mum notices that their car is gone but my grandmother is still home.

Mum: “Did you know the car is gone? Where’s [Grandfather]?”

Grandmother: “No, he was here a few moments ago.”

A few minutes later, my grandfather drives the car back into the yard, very narrowly missing the power pole by the driveway. Mum and Grandmother rush outside.

Mum: “What are you doing driving?”

Grandfather: “I only went up to the shops.”

Mum: “You know you can’t see properly; you can’t drive.”

Grandfather: “It’s all right. I didn’t go by the main road; I went the back way.”

The next day, my grandmother gets their doctor to take away his license and she starts keeping the car keys hidden.  

A few weeks later, Grandfather’s eyesight worsens to the point that he can’t even see cars on the road. He is told that he is not to cross roads on his own. Again, my mother catches him walking back from the shops on his own.

Mum: “You know you can’t cross roads on your own.”

Grandfather: “I didn’t cross any roads.”

Mum: *Pointing to his newspaper* “The newsagency is on the other side of the main road.”

Grandfather: “I didn’t cross the main road; I walked up to the station and used the crossings.”

Mum: “You had to cross two roads to get to the shops, then cross the same one twice to get to the newsagent, and then do the same on the way back.”

Grandfather: “Those are only streets; they don’t count. I was told I couldn’t cross any roads on my own.”

They had to get the doctor to tell him he wasn’t allowed to cross any streets OR roads on his own.