Don’t Count On A Student Discount

, | Working | March 31, 2014

(In my university, student cards are magnetic and quite expensive to make. In order not to make us pay for a new one every year, they simply put a sticker stating the current school year above the former one. I’m currently in my second year. I’m at the checkout of a sub shop, different from the location I usually go to.)

Cashier: “What will it be with your sandwich?”

Me: “I’ll have a student price meal please, with soda and a cookie.”

Cashier: “Sure thing. Can I just see your student card, please?”

(I show my card, thinking she’ll just look at it like they do in the location I usually go to. Instead, she takes it from my hand and frowns.)

Cashier: “Do you think you can fool me?”

(She angrily peels off the “2013-2014” sticker from my card, while I open big eyes.)

Me: “Wait, please don—”

Cashier: “Do you think you can just put on a sticker on your old card and still get student prices?”

Me: “Wait, that sticker is from the university… You can see that the font and color match. Do you think I’d go through such trouble for €1 off a meal? Please, put it back in place…”

(Instead, she just wipes the sticker off on her apron, then hands me back my card and presses a few keys on her register.)

Cashier: “That will be full price for you.”

Me: “Thank you for making my card invalid. Here’s your money. Thanks for nothing.”

(I leave with my full price meal and go to my university in the afternoon. Thankfully, they didn’t mind putting a new sticker on my card. Since then, I always went to my usual location.)

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