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They Don’t Have To Be Your Child To Be A Mother

, , | Friendly | May 23, 2017

My mom used to work at a bingo place with another woman. She isn’t too old but she is very disabled (she has MS).

As time passes, it gets worse and she ends up being very bad financially. The woman has three sons: the eldest is a drug dealer, the middle just doesn’t bother to help at all, and the third is illiterate and has some mental issues, but always stays with his mother.

Since the woman doesn’t know much, and the only son willing to help is the illiterate one that doesn’t know much either, they need help. They got another woman to help them out with everything they didn’t understand, but sadly she took advantage of them. Whenever she provided help she made unreasonable requests back. She would try and force the woman’s son to do things for her (mow her lawn, shovel the snow, etc.) Again, he was only one was willing to help and it was too much for him.

Eventually my mother steps in and helps her. She made sure to always be there when bankers or people from the health organization need to talk to them. She handles everything that they don’t understand. She even gets the woman into a very good retirement home.

Because she is very poor and appears to be quite scruffy, no one was willing to help them. But my mother fought for them and thanks to her the woman is well taken care of and in a better place.

The third son is a grown man, in his early thirties. From stereotypical appearance, he is not someone you would want to meet in an alleyway. His clothes are always full of dirt and he has a big bushy beard with large hair. He is very unkempt basically and doesn’t speak much. Yet despite this, he is the one of the most kind people you could ever meet. All his brothers left their mother, leaving him. He had the option to leave as well but he didn’t. He stayed with his mother and worked his butt off all the time to help her. He didn’t stop, even when he became a grown man. He is the only son that stayed and that’s just amazing.

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