Don’t Carry On Insulting If You Can’t Carry Out

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(I am paying for a big, heavy bag of cat food. The cashier, a high-school-aged girl, offers to carry it out.)

Me: “Sure. Thanks. That’d help.”

(She turns to another teen girl coworker behind her.)

Cashier: “Hey, [Coworker]! Your fat, ugly a** needs to carry this bag out.”

(She talks softly enough that most people can’t hear, but I have good hearing.)

Me: “Hey! No. I want you to carry it.”

Cashier: “What?!”

Me: “Yeah. You need to carry it to my car. No cart. You have to carry it.”

Cashier: “I can’t.”

Me: “You can, ’cause I carried it up here, so chop-chop.”

Cashier: “I can’t leave my till.”

Me: “I’m off to move my car to the far side of the parking lot. See you there.”

(There was no one in line, and there was another cashier open, so I glared at her until she followed me out. And yes, I did move my car while she waited, struggling with the bag.)

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