Don’t Butt In Line If You Can’t Pay The Fine

| Right | July 20, 2017

(I am working the concession stand at a popular stage theatre in Niagara. There is a regular who has a five-year-old daughter, and one day, during an intermission, the daughter is in my line up, while her father is sitting at a table waiting for her. The line isn’t that busy, and the girl is patient. Finally, when her turn comes, this happens.)

Five-Year-Old: “Hello, miss. May I please have—”

(Suddenly, an older man shoves her aside.)

Man: “Out of the way, kid! I would like…”

Five-Year-Old: *tapping his shoulder* “Excuse me, sir? I was about to order. Can you wait?”

Man: “May I please have…”

Five-Year-Old: “Sir. It hurt me when you did that. Please don’t butt.”

Man: “As I was saying…”

Five-Year-Old: *close to tears* “Please, I won’t take long.”

Man: “Whatever, let me have a—”

(Suddenly, the girl taps him on the shoulder, glaring.)

Man: “What?”

Five-Year-Old: “Get your a** to the back of the line, buster!”

(Everyone’s jaw dropped, and the man is horrified. He sheepishly leaves as the people who heard her laugh.)

Five-Year-Old: *smiling sweetly and placing $10 on the counter* “May I please have a cream soda?”

(I gave her that, plus a free chocolate bar. I later found out that man had been doing that to her for a while, and she finally got fed up.)

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