Don’t Bug Me

| Friendly | November 3, 2016

(I’m standing in line at an outdoor food and drink kiosk when a large hornet lands on my bare leg. I admit I kind of flail a bit kicking it off by reflex, which is embarrassing. The guy in line behind me with his girlfriend begins laughing in a loud, mocking manner.)

Guy: “Oh, my GOD. It’s just a f****** bug!”

Me: “Well, I panicked; I didn’t want to get stung.” *flustered*

Guy: “Oh. My. GOD. That was f****** ridiculous! Did you freaking SEE her freak out?”

(He mimics me in an insulting way, and keeps laughing loudly and obnoxiously. It doesn’t really upset me, but it’s annoying and people are staring. His girlfriend has been behind him on her cellphone quietly frowning at him this whole time, when suddenly she lifts the end of a piece of her long hair and lightly tickles the bare skin on the back of his arm. He immediately cuts off with a shrill squeak and jumps, flailing and smacking at his arm, far more loudly and panicked than I had been. He seems to quickly realize what happened and goes red in the face and won’t look at me.)

Girlfriend: *goes back to scrolling through her cellphone calmly with her eyebrows raised and says in a quiet tone* “That’s what I thought.”

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