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Don’t Bite The Hand That Delivers

, , , , , | Working | August 28, 2020

I’m waiting on a package. I see the delivery van pull up out the front, and my very large German shepherd goes out to investigate. As soon as the guy steps onto the driveway, he starts barking — not aggressively, just acknowledging the delivery guy is there.

The guy freezes in place as soon as he hears my dog bark. He wouldn’t be able to see the dog properly from the top of the driveway, but he definitely doesn’t sound like a small dog. The guy dithers for a moment, and I start getting up to go out to get the package from him.

The guy starts down the driveway again, which causes my dog to bark at him — again, not viciously — and the guy throws my package down on the driveway before him and flees back to the safety of his van.

I was laughing too hard to be upset.

Question of the Week

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