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Don’t Be Weird About The Beard

| Romantic | August 20, 2015

(I have Asperger’s and thus tend to be a bit weird about things. My husband has just gotten a new job that allows him to grow facial hair and we are discussing what styles I would be okay with him having.)

Husband: “Wait, so a long beard with mustache is okay, but a long mustache or a long goatee is not okay?”

Me: “Yes. Long mustaches without a beard are creepy and long goatees are just gross.”

Husband: “I am not equipped to deal with your neurosis.”

Me: “Hey! You had ample warning! My mom even sat you down and talked about it!”

Husband: “Well, they warned you about me and you didn’t listen.”

Me: “Yeah, but they were wrong about you so that doesn’t count.”

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