Don’t Be Too Dreamy In Your Dream

| Romantic | August 16, 2014

(My fiancée has returned from a backpacking trip, so we both wake up rather late in the morning. It should be noted that I have a rather large, yet allegedly magnificent, posterior.)

Me: “Had a weird dream, hon.”

Fiancée: “Oh?”

Me: “Yeah. I dreamed that I was becoming friends with this other woman, and you said I couldn’t see her anymore because I looked ‘too dreamy’ around her.”

Fiancée: “Well, as long as you look dreamier around me, it’s okay.”

Me: “Oh, but it gets better! The woman in my dream said I was beautiful but she couldn’t, and I quote, ‘stand my a**!'”

(My fiancée, who has started to pour herself coffee, freezes.)

Fiancée: “Oh. Well, if that’s the case, now she has to die.”

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