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Don’t Be THAT Idiot

, , , , , | Right | November 22, 2022

I work at one of those sandwich shops where the customers watch us make their sandwiches behind the glass. My manager has just received some bad news so is not taking any BS from anyone today.

Customer: “I want a sub of the day on the Italian. And make it right this time! You idiots have gotten my order wrong three times already!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I—”

Manager: *To me* “No, don’t apologize to them.” *To the customer* “Apologize to my employee for calling her an idiot.”

Customer: “I will not! If you don’t want them called idiots, then don’t hire idiots!”

Manager: “You watch us make the sandwich in front of you, and yet you didn’t get what you ordered?”

Customer: “Well, I—”

Manager: “And you let this happen three times?!

Customer: “Look, I—”

Manager: “And you think we’re the idiots?!

The customer gave up at that point and left.

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