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Don’t Be Such A Baby

, , | Right | CREDIT: hey-i-got-here-late | January 27, 2022

I work in a (very) small town grocery store. We only have six aisles and try to carry at least a little of each thing someone might need.

One day, I’m just cashiering like normal, and then I have this customer come up.

Customer: “Do you have any banana baby food?”

Me: “I’m not sure what flavors we have, but what we carry is on the shelf in aisle five.”

He goes and looks, and then he comes back, now super angry.

Customer: “You don’t carry banana baby food! I can’t believe this! I’m so upset. I have to buy blueberry, instead! Ridiculous!”

He just kept yelling at me. The whole time, I stood there biting my tongue and thinking to myself, “You know, you could just buy a banana and mush it up yourself!”

Question of the Week

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