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Don’t Be Gross In The Workplace

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I have coworkers from all over the world, meaning we have quite the collection of cultures at work. One male coworker comes in from another country and immediately looks me over like a piece of meat. 

Coworker: “Hey.”

He snaps his fingers at me.

Coworker: “Make me a coffee. Two creams, two sugars. Put it on my desk there.”

He actually points to my desk.

Me: “That’s not your desk; it’s mine. The coffee maker is right there.”

I point a few feet to his right.

Me: “Cream and sugar are in the boxes.”

Coworker: “No, I said you do it.”

Me: “And I said the coffee maker is right there.”

I sit down at my desk and get to work. He stands at the coffee maker for a few minutes before storming off. He reports me to Human Resources for my attitude. Nothing comes from it because it is not actually my job to play work-wife to anyone.

A week later, [Coworker] is sitting in a conference room with his back to the door. I happen to walk by and look through the full-glass door and see that he is looking at nude photos of women. I politely knock on the door, and he slams his computer shut.

Coworker: “What?!”

Me: “Just letting you know the Wi-Fi is monitored.”

Coworker: “Mind your business, b****!”

Me: “Okay.”

Again, he reports me to HR, this time for stalking and harassing him. We are both called into a meeting.

HR: “We need to get this issue behind us. We cannot spend all of our time chasing claims between [Coworker] and [My Name].”

Coworker: “Tell her that she is subordinate to me and there will be no more issues!” *Curls his lip and addresses me* “I will terminate you today.”

HR: “[My Name] is not in your department, and even if she was, you have the same job.”

Coworker: “She is a snoop! She sneaks up on me!”

Me: “He was looking at naked women on his computer in the conference room.”

Coworker: “Bulls***!”

HR: “What?!”

Me: “Check his computer history. It was [date] on lunch hour.”

Coworker: “What I do on my time is my business!”

HR: “What you do on company Wi-Fi is our business. You may go, [My Name].”

I left, listening to [Coworker] complain that I was harassing him and that I set him up — everything except taking responsibility for his own actions. He was terminated that same day.

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