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Don’t Be Ant-I-Social

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I rent a room in a house during college. I live in the house with several other guys. I’m known for being the most self-reliant. The family of one guy owns the house as a second property, so their son, [Roommate #1], handles all the day-to-day stuff but his dad is the actual landlord. Like most college students, we aren’t really the cleanest, so we get our occasional bout with ants.

One day, I’m studying in my room when I get a knock on the door, and [Roommate #1] is there.

Roommate #1: “Hey, man, just curious… Have you seen any ants in your room lately?”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I had a colony in my room last week.”

Roommate #1: *Nervously* “So, what did you do about it?”

Me: “I found the spot in my closet where they were getting in from outside, went to [Store], and bought some traps. I set up a couple near the hole and where they were frequenting, and the problem was quickly solved. No big deal.”

I’m not sure what I expected to happen next, but [Roommate #1] gives me a hug.

Roommate #1: “Oh, my God, thank you so much for solving it yourself and not involving me! I was asking because [Roommate #2] and [Roommate #3] were both having big issues with ants, and they both told me it was my house so it was my problem. My dad agreed with them, so I was trying to figure out who needed traps before I went out and bought some. Do you have any extra I can borrow?”

I gave him a couple of unused traps that I had, and then we went to the store to buy more. We had two more roommates who also had ant problems but just ignored them and let them roam free. Sometimes I wonder about these guys.

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