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Don’t Be A Pawn In Her Game, Part 2

, , , | Right | May 2, 2022

To make ends meet while getting my degree, I used to work at a pawn shop as a sort of cashier. Due to how laws used to work, there was a six-month time limit for keeping items, and once those were up, you had three options: pay off both the loaned money and the interest matured on it; pay stocking fees and interests; or let it be auctioned off.

More often than not, people were understanding of this and paid off their payment, or at least didn’t complain about their things being auctioned off.


One slow day, I was at the till. An older woman approached me with a piece of paper and unfolded it in front of me.

Woman: “Good day. I’m here to pick back up my [item].”

Me: “Sure thing. Can you please give me your ID card and storage ticket?”

The woman started rummaging in her purse until she first produced her driver’s license and then her ID, and then pointed at the folded sheet.

Woman: “Here we go. The first ticket got waterlogged, but thankfully, I got it photocopied the first time.”

I was a bit hesitant, but I decided that it was going to be good enough. I looked at the ticket: the name matched the ID… but the pawn had been done eight months prior.

Me: “Hang on. I’m going to check in the back.”

The woman’s face immediately soured, scoffing.

Woman: “All right, go check in the back if you have to.”

I did go back to the back, where the storage room was, and went looking for the storage guy.

Me: “Hey, [Storage Guy], do we still have [item number]?”

Storage Guy: “Pretty sure we auctioned them a few days ago, but let me check on the logs.”

The logs confirmed his suspicions. I sighed as I went back.

Me: “Ma’am, we sold it some days ago.”

She frowned deeply and then looked at me in a strange way.

Woman: “What do you mean?”

Me: “You haven’t paid off the pawn loan, and you didn’t renew it, either. Sorry, you should’ve gotten the notice about that in the mail a few months ago.”

Woman: *Shouting* “I haven’t gotten any letters! I demand my [item] back!

Me: “Calm down, ma’am.”

Woman: “Calm down?! You’ve just stolen from me because I didn’t get some f****** piece of paper in my mail saying I was supposed to pay some extortion payment!”

Me: “It’s the law, ma’am.”

The woman slammed her fist on the counter, making me back off and the register teeter on the edge.

Woman: “I have never heard of such a law! I want my [item] back!”

Me: “W-we can’t do that, we really can’t. I’m sorry, but your item has been auctioned off. We can check if—”

Woman: “I’ll call the tax police, and you will give me my things back! You can’t steal from me!”

At that point, I knew there was no winning this, and I was more than a little scared.

Me: “I’m going to get the manager; you can talk with him.”

Woman: “You’d better! I’m not going to leave until I get it all back!”

I called my manager, and he told me to go help out in the back. Ultimately, the lady didn’t get what she wanted and left only when it was closing time. The resulting visit from the tax police a few days later didn’t change matters at all. I don’t know if the lady got in trouble for wasting the police’s time!

Don’t Be A Pawn In Her Game

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