Don’t Be A Letter Regretter

| Romantic | December 20, 2012

(In the Netherlands, there’s a holiday in December called ‘Sinterklaas’, during which it is custom to give children the first letter of their name (or their whole name, if they’re lucky) in chocolate letters. It is around this time of the year that I’m lying in bed with my boyfriend.)

Me: “What should we name our future child?”

Boyfriend: “I like Sara.”

Me: “Sarah with an ‘H’, or without?”

Boyfriend: “Erm, without, I guess… it looks better.”

Me: “But then she would get one less letter if she were to get her name in chocolate letters!”

Boyfriend: “Well, yeah, but when she writes down her name, she’ll have to write a letter less.”

Me: “That’s true.”

Boyfriend: “Wait. Were you serious?”

Me: “Oh my God, no! How crazy do you think I am?”

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