Don’t Be A Dater Hater

| UK | Friendly | December 9, 2014

(I have been going out with my boyfriend for about 18 months, and one of his two best friends, Male Friend #1, and one of my very close friends, Female Friend, have recently started dating. His other best friend, Male Friend #2, is still single, and we are discussing the fact that he needs to hurry up and get a girlfriend.)

Male Friend #1: “How about [Girl #1]?”

Female Friend: “No, she’s a bit of an a**. What about [Girl #2]?”

Boyfriend: “She’s hated me for several years now. No way. Hmm… [Girl #3]?”

Me: “Way out of his league. How about [Girl #4]?”

Female Friend: “Yes! She’d be perfect for [Male Friend #2].”

Male Friend #2: “Um… Do I get a say in this?”

Female Friend: “Sure! You get 20% of the say.”

Male Friend #2: “20%?! This is about a girlfriend for ME, you know.”

Me: “This is a GROUP DECISION, [Male Friend #2]!”

(Yeah… He’s still single.)

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