Don’t Bank On Them Getting The Right Account

, , , | Working | May 13, 2019

(I was adopted at birth. I grew up 30 miles away from where I was born, and recently moved to a town halfway between both towns. I have an older half-sister through my bio dad, but we’ve never met because he won’t tell me who she is. This happens when I walk into the local branch of my credit union to change my address. My name will be Jane, for simplicity.)

Me: “Hi, I need a change of address form, please. I just moved here. I’d like to get some cash out, too.”

Teller: “Ashley! Haven’t seen you in years! When did you move out of [Birth Town]?! How’s your mom? Oh, right, here’s your form. And your cash. How much would you like?”

Me: “Just $100, but—“

Teller: *types some information into her computer as I try to show her my ID, and she keeps chattering away* “And you remember my son, Brian? Boy will never get his head on straight, the way his dad spoils him. Hang on. I’ll go grab your cash.”

Me: “Wait!”

(She brings the cash to the counter, counts it out, and pushes it towards me.)

Teller: “There you are, hon. Now, say hi to your mom for me. Anything else I can help you with?”

Me: *pushes the cash back towards her* “Yeah. I can’t accept this, and I’d like to speak to your manager.”

(An older woman looks up from the counter next door, where she was typing on a computer.)

Manager: “May I help you?”

Me: “Yes. This is my first time in this building. I have never seen this woman before, she kept talking like I was somebody else, and she never asked for ID when I wanted to take cash out. This means she went into some random person’s account and removed cash.”

Teller: “Ashley, what are you talking about? I’ve known you your whole life!”

Me: *pulls out my ID* “My name is Jane. I just moved here. I don’t know you; I have never seen you before. If you’d let me speak, you would’ve known that! Maybe you thought I was my half-sister?”

(The teller turned bright red and fled into the back. The manager apologized, put the cash back into the original account, and waited while I changed my address and took out cash from my own account. I still haven’t met my sister, but this will make a great story for when I do!)

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