Don’t Bank On Their Security, Part 2

| Working | February 12, 2014

(I try to use the ATM in the foyer of a bank branch, and I absolutely cannot remember my PIN. I go into the branch to see if they can reset it.)

Bank Employee: “Hello. What can I help you with today?”

Me: “I feel so stupid. I completely forgot my PIN. Is there a way to have it reset?”

Bank Employee: “Of course! Let me see your card, please.”

(I hand her my card. It has the name of a different bank on it, because my old bank was recently bought out by this one. I’m just supposed to use the old card until it expires, then I’ll get a new one with the new name.)

Bank Employee: “Are you sure your account has been fully transferred from [Old Bank]?”

Me: “Yes, it has.”

Bank Employee: “Okay, great!”

(She types on her computer, then slides a small numeric keypad toward me.)

Bank Employee: “Okay, just type in what you’d like your PIN to be.”

(I type it in.)

Bank Employee: “And now type it in one more time to confirm.”

(I type it in again.)

Bank Employee: “Okay, you’re all set!”

(She hands my card back to me.)

Me: “Um… How did you know I was me?”

Bank Employee: “Oh, um, ha ha. I don’t know. Good question! Well, have a nice day!”

(I went back to the ATM to take out some cash. I felt very grateful that I didn’t drop my card on the ground somewhere, since apparently anyone could have claimed it was theirs, changed the PIN, and used the card without having to prove their identity in any way!)


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