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Don’t Bank On Getting The Right Number

, , , | Working | July 31, 2021

I work for a large multi-bank network that does card processing and contact center servicing. I am in telecom and assist internal employees. 

Account Manager: “One of my bank clients is printing out new cards and they want to confirm what number they should print on the back so their members can reach them.”

Me: “Okay, what is the name of the bank?”

Account Manager: “[Bank].”

Me: “Members should call [number #1].”

Account Manager: “That’s not the number I gave them. I told them to put [number #2].”

Me: “That number doesn’t belong to us. Why did you give them that number?”

Account Manager: “That’s the number printed on the back of my debit card.”

Me: “Is your debit card with [Bank]?”

Account Manager: “No, it’s with [Credit Union].”

Me: “Why would you give them the number for [Credit Union] to put on the back of [Bank]’s cards?”

Account Manager: “They asked me what number to put on the back of the card.”

Me: “You need to contact them right now and make sure they put [number #1].”

Several months later…

Boss: “[Account Manager] states that [Bank] is getting hundreds of complaints as members are dialing [Credit Union] when they are trying to reach them. She states she gave the bank the number you provided.”

Me: “Do me a favor and ask her for the number on the back of her [Credit Union] debit card and see if it matches the number the members are dialing.”

Boss: “Really?”

Me: “Yup.”

I then forwarded him the ticket documentation.

[Account Manager] was let go as this was not the first time she had done something like this. I am still waiting to find out the final cost of reissuing the cards again and the contract discount we had to offer the bank.

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