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Done With The Family Niceties

| Related | August 22, 2016

(We are at my boyfriend’s family reunion down in Kentucky and his family is doing a volleyball tournament in 95 degree heat. I have on sunglasses, a tank top, and shorts with my hair up. I am talking to one of my boyfriend’s cousins to the side of the court, waiting for our team to play again, when his aunt walks over. Note: we’ve been dating for three years at this point and I know his family fairly well.)

Aunt: “Well, hello, [Cousin], who is your friend you brought?”

Me: “It’s me, [My Name]. [Boyfriend]’s girlfriend.”

Aunt: “Oh, dear, I am so sorry. It’s just normally you look nice.” *walks away*

Me: *shocked silence*

Cousin: “Yeah, welcome to the family.”

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