Dollars To Donuts She Will Get The Order Wrong

| Working | March 2, 2014

(I am the only customer in the store.)

Employee: “Hi, what can I get you today?”

Me: “I’d like a bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant, please.”

Employee: “A bacon, egg, and cheese on a…?”

Me: “Croissant. And can I also get a chocolate kreme donut?”

(The employee starts ringing up my order, and then takes my money. I am turned around looking at their bags of coffee while she grabs my donut and bags it. She hands me the bag and then goes to start my sandwich.)

Employee: “And you didn’t want cheese on that, right?”

Me: “No, I wanted cheese.”

(She starts making my sandwich and I see her pull sausage out of the fridge.)

Me: “I’m sorry. I said I wanted bacon.”

Employee: “Oh, I could have sworn you said sausage.”

(She finishes making my sandwich correctly and then hands it to me. It’s not until I get to work that I open the bag with my donut and notice she gave me the wrong one. I called the manager later on to say that I would be more understanding if I hadn’t been the only customer this girl had!)

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