Dollars To Donuts: You’re Awesome

, , , | Hopeless | September 28, 2017

(We have a late day at work, so I decide to go in early and splurge at a well-known donut establishment for breakfast. I pull into the drive-thru and everything goes well, until I get to the window. Note: I spoke with a woman at the drive-thru; there’s a gent at the window, who is, I assume, some kind of manager.)

Employee: “Miss! I’m very sorry, but we’re out of the breaded chicken until tomorrow. We have the same thing with ham or turkey.”

Me: “Oh, lame. Okay. Turkey?”

Employee: “Right. Do you want that with ranch or rancho-mayo?”

Me: “Um.”

Employee: “Rancho is basically just spicy.”

Me: “Yeah, sure; let’s go with that.”

Employee: “Okay, great. And here. Let me buy you a donut.”

Me: “Wait; what?”

Employee: “It’s no problem, miss! I hate being out of things. What kind do you like?”

Me: “Dude! Um. I dunno; pick something?” *I’m trying not to laugh as this guy is practically doing flips for me!*

Employee: “Well, we’re kind of known for donuts. I mean, we’ve got a bunch. How about… vanilla or chocolate?”

Me: *actually laughing now* “Chocolate!”

Employee: “There we go!” *leaves for a second, comes back* “Here: chocolate sprinkles. I’ll get the coffee and the sandwich.”

Me: “That wasn’t necessary!”

Employee: “Don’t worry about it! Here’s the coffee. And… here’s the sandwich! You have a great weekend!”

Me: “You, too! Thanks so much!”

(I really wanted to tell him he was wearing an awesome hat, the bright neon colors of the company, but as they were running around I didn’t want to bother them. Thanks so much, dude! The donut made an amazing snack! It wasn’t necessary, but it made my day so much better.)

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