Doing This Job Right Is Best Left To Others

| Working | June 27, 2013

(I am ordering cigarettes behind our customer service counter while my coworker mans the desk. She is nearer our display of packs of cigarettes than I am, so I call out to ask her how many we have left of a particular brand.)

Me: “How many [brand] menthol blue’s do we have?”

(She looks at the display, confused.)

Coworker: “Uhh… which ones are those?”

Me: “The blue ones on your left.”

(She continues to look around the display with no success. She’s running her finger along the rows of tags, trying to find them.)

Me: “One row down, on your left.”

(She drops her finger TWO rows, and stares, lost.)

Me: “No, one row. Move one row up.”

(She does so, and then stops again. She’s on the right row, but on the wrong side of the display.)

Coworker: “Where?”

Me: “On your left.”

(She moves one single pack to the left. They aren’t even blue.)

Coworker: “These ones?”

Me: “Keep going… keep going…”

Coworker: “Wait, which way is left again?”

Me: *facepalm*

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