Doing Irreparable Damage

| Working | October 10, 2013

(My cell phone’s ear piece has stopped working. I take it to a kiosk for the company, where they proclaim it broken, and tell me the free way to exchange it. Later, I get a $100 warranty charge on my bill.)

Me: “Hi, I’m calling about the $100 charge on my bill? I was told there was no charge if I returned the phone.”

Representative: “Well, our records indicate that we never got the phone.”

Me: “Really? Because I used the packaging and shipping label you sent me, and shipped it back within the week.”

Representative: “Oh, wait, the warehouse did get it. But there was no damage, so we charged you.”

Me: “The ear piece was broken. I couldn’t use it as a phone! And a rep at one of your kiosks told me it was broken!”

Representative: “Oh, wait, there was damage. And that’s why we charged you.”

Me: “Wait, so the kiosk lied? I was told that as long as I returned the phone, there was no fee. They told me about the exchange, and that my phone was qualified for it. And if the exchange doesn’t work for phones with damage, and it doesn’t work for phones without damage, how do you qualify!?”

Representative: “…a $100 credit will be applied to your account.”

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