Doing Good Deeds From Coast To Coast

, , | Hopeless | March 26, 2017

Earlier this year my brother died. He lives in my state. His kids live on both coasts. My sister and other brother live on the east coast. Everyone made plans to fly in and meet at the airport in my state.

We had a group text going to keep each other up to date on our whereabouts.

After they arrived, I got a text from my sister’s phone. It said, “Hey, I found this phone at the bike kiosk (on the east coast). I’ll leave it at the restaurant across the street.”

My nieces got the text, too, of course, and were standing beside my sister at the time.

My brother-in-law was able to get the phone quickly so my sister had one less thing to fret about at a difficult time.

I thank that stranger on the coast. He was our hero.

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