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Doing Anatomy A Dis-Cervix

| Romantic | May 11, 2016

(My boyfriend of five years and I are talking, and the conversation turns to us having children.)

Boyfriend: *jokingly* “I’d have to put up with you for a whole nine months. And without sex.”

Me: “People have sex while pregnant.”

Boyfriend: “But I thought that you weren’t supposed to.”

Me: “Not during labor, maybe. But yeah, other than that.”

Boyfriend: “Isn’t there a baby in your cervix, though?”

Me: “The baby would be in my UTERUS.”

Boyfriend: “Oh… It should be noted that I don’t remember much from learning about female anatomy.”

Me: “How did you not know this?”

(It should be noted that I’m a pre-health student, and talk about biology ALL THE TIME.)

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