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Doing A Number On The Teacher

| Learning | February 21, 2014

(My statistics teacher is a sweet, slightly ditzy lady. We are working through a problem as a class while she writes the work out on the board.)

Teacher: “Okay, so what number did you get from that?”

Student #1: “4.03.”

Teacher: *confused look* “What?”

Student #2: “It’s… 4.03.”

Teacher: *blankly “Four…?”

Student #1: *nods*

Teacher: *writes ‘1.04’ on the board*

Student #1: “Sorry, that’s supposed to be 4.03.”

Teacher: “Oh!” *writes correct number*

(Later as we are working through another problem based on the same data.)

Teacher: *embarrassed* “So, what was that number again?”

Student #1: “Four. Point. Zero. Three.”

Teacher: *writes ‘4.0,’ then turns around looking sheepish*

Student #1: *sigh* “Three…”

Teacher: *smiling blankly, completes the number*

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