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Doing A 180 On 25,000

, , , , | Right | January 24, 2023

We employees carry a walkie-talkie/smartphone-type device in our work vests so that we can radio employees in other departments and look up in-store products. I have just clocked in for the day and logged into said device. I have just arrived in my department when two men approach me.

Customer: “I want waterproof.”

Now, I am thinking, “Does he want waterproof paint? Waterproof epoxy? Some waterproof lumber? What does he want?”

Me: *Politely* “I just got here; my walkie-talkie is still loading up. I’ll look it up when it loads up.”

Customer: “Why don’t you know where anything is?!” *Turns to his friend* “This stupid f***er doesn’t know where anything is!”

I am a patient guy, but talking down to someone like they are an animal does not fly with me at all.

Me: “Sir, we sell over 25,000 items here. Could you keep up with 25,000 items?”

I do a 180 and walk away. As I am leaving, I hear the other customer say:

Other Customer: “Hey, [Customer], I think you were a little harsh on him. He was just trying to help you!”

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