Dogs Of Christmases Past

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(My brother and I are in our 20s. One day when he isn’t around, I am bored and decide to poke through his room. I find a lot of old school assignments, so I pull one out and read it. The assignment was to write about a memorable Christmas event, and judging by the handwriting, my brother had to be around age six when he wrote it.)

Story: “On Christmas, we went out to a restaurant. We ate and drank food. Then we came home and opened presents.”

Me: “Aw, this story is so cute.” *reads on*

Story: “When we came back, our presents were opened already by the dog. The dog had chewed my present! And he chewed my toy inside! I was sad. I cried. Mom took a broom and said, ‘Bad Dog!’ Bad dog! And she spanked the dog.”

(Underneath the story was a drawn picture of our old dog with jagged teeth and his broken toy. I burst out laughing; I remembered that day. When I showed my brother, he was embarrassed and said he remembered it, too.)

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