Dogs Don’t Deserve Us

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(My mom’s friend says she is coming to the USA with her mother; she lives in a foreign country. My mom offers our house as a place to stay. She makes sure to warn her that we have a big dog, as many people are afraid of them. Apparently, her mother is afraid of dogs but they decide to stay here, anyway, because it’s free. This is what happens when they arrive at our house.)

Me: *opens door* “Hello!”

(Our dog walks over, his tail wagging, and my friend’s mom screams and HITS him with her purse. My smile fades and is replaced with a death glare.)

Friend’s Mom: “Get it away from me!”

(I take several deep breaths and hold myself back.)

Friend’s Mom: “Hurry!”

Me: *walks out*

(You are our guest. You chose to stay in our house. Respect our family — pets included — and our house. If you’re scared of dogs, then go pay for a hotel. Don’t subject the innocent animal to being locked in a room when you’re around. Yes, this happened, because apparently my friend’s mom’s feelings matter more than my dog does. Just for all the dog lovers out there, he was fine after the attack. I gave him some treats and a nice belly rub. Hopefully, they won’t stay for too long.)

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