Doggie Day Caring

, , | Hopeless | October 16, 2016

When I was in my early twenties and a fast food manager we had a brief period of time where our store was closed for construction and we helped at other locations to get our hours.

I have just finished letting the work crew in the building and is maybe a few blocks down the road to go to the second location to work when I see a small white fluffy dog wandering along the very busy road I am driving on.

I manage to get the dog in my car and call the number on the collar but I have to leave a message as no one answered.

The dog came with me to work and as it is late and not hot at all I leave him in my car with some water and a small beef patty to eat.

Nearly four hours later I finally receive a call from the family. He had managed to slip out just as they had left for dinner and a movie.

They came to pick him up and asked for my address so they could thank me. I really didn’t expect anything of it but I was so touched when a week later I found that not only had they sent me a very kind thank you note but they had also included $100, something that made my bills that month a little easier to pay.

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