Dog-Gone Crazy

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I own a pair of big black dogs: a border collie mix who weighs about 50 pounds, and a Labrador who weighs over 100 pounds. They’re the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet, but like many dogs, they like to rush at the door, barking, whenever anyone comes to visit. Most people who don’t know us, door to door salesmen and the like, only see 150 combined pounds of black fur and teeth coming at them, and jump back. But there was one person…

A little old lady was making the rounds of our neighborhood, hanging flyers on door knobs for a dance troupe that performs each year in my town. I saw her coming to my door and tried to grab for my dogs, but missed. They charged at the door, barking their heads off as usual.

The little old lady saw them coming, and laughed out loud. With no fear whatsoever, she hung her flyer on my door handle, booped both dogs’ noses through the screen, waved at me, and left.

I want to be her when I grow up.

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  • Janet Miles

    Many years ago, my family had two dogs, both collie mixes, so both around, I dunno, 50-75 pounds or so? Anyway, one afternoon friends of my parents came over with their small daughter, who was about the same height as the dogs.

    Mom went to open the door; dogs raced to the door and stood there wagging and panting (not the “I’m too hot” pant, but the “I’m excited and want to play” pant).

    Adult friends blanched and stepped back.

    Small child looked right, looked left, patted one dog on the head and announced “DOGGIE!”, patted the other dog on the head and announced “DOGGIE!”, put her hands on their shoulders to wedge them apart, walked in, looked up at Mom, grinned, and said, “HI! DOGGIES!”