Dog Days of Summer 2019

| Right | August 16, 2019

Did you know that the term Dog Days of Summer has nothing to do with pet dogs, but with the appearance of Sirius, aka The Dog Star, in the summer night sky?

Okay, trivia time over!  It’s time for a roundup all about our faithful furry friends.  These aren’t shaggy dog stories, just dog tales from folks like you.

It’s Not Your Imagination — A little boy has an inspired loophole!

My Dog Thinks You’re Nuts — Canine Comeuppance at its finest.

The Puppy Is Cat-ching On — Nature or Nuture?  Who cares? It’s all good!

Dog-Gone Cruelty Will Make Your Dogs Gone — No dogs were seriously hurt, but maybe the owner should have been…

Going Bananas — When you’re getting health advice about your dog, don’t go monkeying around.

Dogged With Complaints — Just because your dogs are special doesn’t mean you are special.

Their Bark Is Worse Than Any Dog’s Bite — Further proof that some humans just don’t deserve dogs.

Hat’s Off To The Dog’s Eating Habits — What goes in, must go, er, out.

You Have To Be Howling Mad To Work Here — Admit it. You’ve done the same.

Sheep Dogs Aren’t Sheepish — Please research your critters before you decide on one!

All Bark, No Bite — No. Means. NO.

Man’s Best Friend, From Beginning To End — Warning: This beautiful story comes with sliced onions.


If you missed it, our previous Cats Roundup is here, and we’ll be doing another pets roundup in the future!

Did we miss your favorite NotAlwaysRight story about dogs?  Do you have a story of your own?  Tell us all about it in the comments below or submit it to us here!


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