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My mother was always open to computers, but by chance, one dies when she’s touching it — it’s still DOS-era — losing all files with no back-up. She is absolutely convinced she caused it and hasn’t touched a computer since. Eventually, we manage to convince her to get a cellphone — pre-Internet — but she will only use it for calling, not texting.

It’s finally time to upgrade to a new phone, one that can do Internet, but nope, she still won’t use it for anything more than just calling. She reads text messages, but never responds… until she goes on a trip to France, and realises that texting is a lot cheaper than calling.

This is the very first text-message she sends me:

“alliswellweatherisnicehavingagreattimebutcantfindthespacebar oh i found it”

(All is well, weather is nice. Having a great time but can’t find the spacebar…)

She hasn’t stopped texting, apping, and googling ever since. She also owns a laptop for photo-editing, but makes triple back-ups of all her work now. And I made sure I saved her very first text message.

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