Doesn’t Want To Go Down That Road

, | Friendly | February 5, 2014

(My wife is picking me up from work. I walk out of the mall doors towards my wife’s car, but since it is during the holiday season the parking lot is full and she is stuck behind a car parking, and a cab dropping off a passenger. Behind her was a very irate guy blaring on his horn screaming profanities. I get into my wife’s car as the guy is giving us the finger, but ignore him.)

Me: “Talk about a jerk behind us! Can’t he see the cars blocking us in?”

My Wife: “Some people act so horrible this time of the year.”

(The cars finally clear so we can leave, but I still hear the guys horn so I look behind us only to see the guy following us.)

My Wife: “He will leave us alone when we get to the street.”

Me: “Just in case, I am getting my phone.”

(As I am pulling my phone out of my work bag my wife reaches the street and we turn onto it, so I look behind us and notice the guy still behind us honking his horn and now mouthing the words “‘PULL THE F*** OVER’ while speeding up on us.)

Me: “I think he wants us to pull over to fight or something, but don’t worry about it.”

(I pull out my phone and make it look like I am taking pictures of him and his car’s license plate and mouth the words ‘calling the cops’ a couple of times and put my phone to my ear. The guy hits the brakes so hard he would have caused an accident had all the other drivers not given him room due to his aggressive behaviour.)

Me: “That’s how you deal with road rage.”

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