Doesn’t Want To Do Less, More Or Less

| Learning | November 19, 2015

(For our biology lab midterm we’re working on projects in groups of three. We’ve finished the lab work and are discussing how we’re going to present it. The project has five clear sections to cover.)

Partner #1: “I want to present sections two, three, and four.”

Partner #2: “Okay, I can present section one.”

Me: “And I can present section five.”

Partner #1: “Wait, you guys are only going to do one section each?”

Me: “I can cover one of the middle sections so we both have two.”

Partner #2: “I can as well; I’ve finished my other midterms already.”

Partner #1: “No, no, I like those three sections. I don’t want to do less; I just want you guys to do more.”

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