Doesn’t Understand The Law Or Math

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At this time, gas is around $2.50 a gallon. One day, a woman storms in, comes up to my register, and slams a receipt down in front of me, completely cutting the line.

Customer: “You are a bunch of f****** scammers, and I will be suing you!”

My coworker scurries off to, I assume, get the supervisor, leaving me to deal with this woman until she gets back. Luckily, the people in her line seem to understand, because it’s gone fairly quiet.

Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “You’re advertising your gas prices at $2.50 a gallon! I just pumped ten gallons exactly, and I was charged $25.09!”

Me: “Yes, that’s correct, ma’am.”

Customer: “IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE $25!”

I tend to stay calm when being yelled at because it doesn’t help for both parties to lose their heads; that just devolves into a screaming match, and staying calm usually just makes the angry party angrier, which I find somewhat amusing. I just pull out my pen and use it as a pointer.

Me: “If gas were actually $2.50 a gallon, you would be correct, yes. Ten multiplied by $2.50 is $25; you just move the decimal point one spot over. However, do you see here on your receipt where it shows you that you pumped ten gallons of unleaded? And the price of the unleaded? The price is $2.509. Multiply by ten, which, again, just moves that decimal one point over, and that $2.509 becomes $25.09, which is what you were charged.”

She grabs the receipt and storms out without another word. My supervisor had shown up right at the end of it.

Supervisor: “What happened? [Coworker] said that woman came in threatening to sue.”

Me: “Nah, it’s fine. She didn’t understand word problems in math; I was explaining it to her.”

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