Doesn’t Understand The Pressing Nature Of The Situation

, , , | Right | June 4, 2018

(The main exit looks like an automatic door, but it doesn’t open when you approach it; you need to press a button. This confuses a lot of people, despite the fact that the button is giant, right next to the door, with red and white stripes and a large “PUSH TO OPEN DOOR” sign.)

Visitor: *walks up to the door and stands there, silent, confused*

Me: “There’s a button, ma’am.”

Visitor: “This one?” *presses the tiny light switch two steps away from the door*

Me: “It’s the big button, right next to the door.”

Visitor: “Oh, here it is.” *places her hand on the button, looks expectantly at the door, nothing happens*

Me: “That’s the one. You just, um, need to press it now.”

Visitor: “Oh, you have to actually press it?” *finally presses the button*

(Not sure what else buttons are for, if not pressing them.)

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