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Doesn’t Understand A Woman’s Suff’ring

| Learning | May 6, 2014

(After school I am working on a project for my world history class. I’m working in my teacher’s classroom when I find out he’s out of tape, which I need. I go over to another teacher’s classroom. This teacher was actually my teacher back in seventh grade, three years before this takes place. Note: I’m female.)

Me: “[Coach]? Can I borrow some tape? Mr. [Name] doesn’t have any.”

Coach: “Yeah, sure. But first will you sign this petition?”

(He hands me several pieces of paper on a clipboard and I look to see what the petition is for. It’s to end Women’s Suffrage.)

Me: *after laughing* “Sorry, [Coach], no can do. I may not be old enough to vote or have a career, but I like the fact that I can have these things.”

(I get my tape and leave. After a few weeks, I notice that the petition is hanging in the hallway, with a note explaining what Women’s Suffrage is, and what the experiment was. There were 600 signatures on it– and most of them were female.)

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