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Doesn’t That Just Butter Your Roll?

, , , | Right | CREDIT: meyere13 | October 24, 2021

I work for a bed and breakfast, and with the breakfast part, we occasionally get unusual requests, mostly dietary restrictions or preferences — no mushrooms in the frittatas, gluten-free, etc. — but we had a wild one yesterday.

After a breakfast was delivered, the guest called the front desk, outraged.

Guest: “My biscuits with butter and jam only came with two biscuits. And you didn’t put butter on my cinnamon roll before you put frosting on it!”

Butter. On a frosted cinnamon roll.

Me: “We have butter down here if you want it.”

She stormed down to get it only to complain that the butter was “too cold!”

I get personal preferences. I eat cereal dry because the thought of soggy sugar milk for breakfast is not appealing, but I would never expect someone to know my personal taste without telling them. But butter on a cinnamon roll? Who does that?

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