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Doesn’t Take Much To Weed Out The Bad Ones, Part 2

| Working | August 3, 2012

(I usually come in Sunday nights at the convenience store for a few hours to prepare for Monday morning. I bake cookies, muffins, and pull croissants for the breakfast sandwiches. I’ve had a tooth pulled, so these duties fall onto my coworkers while I recover. I come in Monday morning to find none of it done—not even their normal duties—and the dish drainer is full. This leads to me and my other shift working scrambling to do their job before we open on top of our normal duties. This exchange takes place at the end of my shift, when they come in.)

Me: *to the evening coworkers* “You guys didn’t do anything last night. We almost ended up not having breakfast sandwiches for this morning!”

Morning Coworker: “Yeah, you guys are lucky that my husband drops me off an hour early on his way to work!”

Me: “The dish drainer was full, but none of the baking was done. What did you guys do all evening?”

Evening Coworker #1: “We didn’t feel like it. I don’t see why I had to do your job on top of my own!”

Me: “You didn’t even do your job! What did you guys do all evening?”

Evening Coworker #2: “Our friend came over to the store with a fresh ounce of weed and we made pot brownies! They were freaking awesome!”

Morning Coworker: “You made pot brownies in the store where your boss lives in the apartment above… where the sign on the door says we’re a cop stop… and the police sergeant stops for his coffee and cigarettes almost every day, at unpredictable times??

Evening Coworker #2: “Yeah.”

Morning Coworker: *points to me* “…and you just confessed this to the assistant manager, who happens to be the daughter of the manager?”

Evening Coworker #2: “When you put it that way, you make it sound like it was a stupid idea!”

(The boss wasn’t very pleased when he found out about what had happened. One of them was busted for possession a week after they were fired.)