Doesn’t See The Value In Having To Pay

, , , | Right | November 26, 2018

(I’m a sales agent for one of the priciest cell phone providers in the country. I’m speaking with a woman who is currently with one of the cheaper carriers and is looking to switch.)

Customer: “My daughter and my husband both need new phones, and they want iPhone 7s. I’ll need a iPhone 7 plus, but I’ll need two — one for work.”

Me: “Okay, four phones will be [amount]. You’ll be financing them across the course of 24 months. Along with the 40 gigabytes you said you needed, your total monthly bill would be [pretty hefty amount].”

Customer: “Oh, no, sell me on the value.”

(I start to tell her about our network versus her current one, statistics, and approval ratings, when she stops me.)

Customer: “No, I know you’re better. Sell me on the value.”

Me: “That is the value; you get the best service.”

(This is apparently the wrong answer, because I have never had a customer yell at me like this one, and I have received plenty of death threats so that’s really saying something. Amongst her screaming, I realize that she is unhappy about the cost and her way of saying “sell me on the value” means get her a lower quote.)

Me: “Ma’am, this is our pricing. This price will remain constant. If you do not accept it, please leave the store, as there is nothing further for us to discuss. You said it yourself; we are better than your current provider. And you have to pay us to be better.”

(She left soon after, demanding I quit because I have “no customer service.” And that’s true; I don’t give customer service to bad customers.)

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