Doesn’t See The Picture

| Related | January 13, 2012

(My family and much of my extended family on my mom’s side is from Chicago. The exception is one uncle, whose family is in Georgia. We all trekked down to Atlanta for this uncle’s oldest son’s wedding. After the wedding, the happy couple are taking their pictures in the church, and all the guests are milling around outside.)

Mom: “Don’t they need us there to take pictures?”

Dad: “I think they would have told us. That’s what they did at [other cousin’s]

Mom: “No, we should be in there for pictures. Why didn’t they tell us?”

Me: “I don’t think any extended family is sticking around for pictures. It’s only 30 minutes until the reception. I think they just want to conserve time.”

Mom: “We’re family! We should be taking pictures!”

(This goes on for about 10 more minutes. Both parents go to ask my uncle if we needed to stick around for pictures. Finally, they just go in inside. No other extended family from either the bride’s or the groom’s side are there, except for us. I awkwardly hide in the back while the older relatives force themselves into a picture.)

Mom: “See? Isn’t it a good thing we stuck around? If we had just left, we wouldn’t have known that they wanted us for pictures!”

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