Doesn’t Resume After Factory

, , , | Working | September 19, 2018

(I recently moved to a new state, and I figure I’ll check out the local labor office to see what information they have on employment.)

Representative: “What was your last job?”

Me: “Four years at [Factory]; two as a temp, and two as a full-hire.”

Representative: “This is quite a long resumé.”

Me: “I also had over ten years in the military.”

Representative: “Well, I’ve made you an account on our system and put your information in there. Here’s a list of companies that are hiring, as well.”

Me: “Thanks!”

(Later that day, I logged in to the account, changed the password, and reviewed the “resumé” she’d made for me. Despite having my resumé to look at, [Factory] was misspelled, and the “summary” of my work experience said that I only had four years experience total, when my true work experience is closer to twenty years. I wasn’t expecting her to fill out everything for me, but it just felt odd, like she’d stopped listening after knowing about my factory work.)

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