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Doesn’t Register The Police Standing RIGHT THERE

, , , , | Legal | January 29, 2019

At my supermarket, we get the occasional dumb customer. Who doesn’t? Turns out, we even get dumb thieves!

A guy walks out with some shopping without paying. We can’t stop him this time, but we now know what he looks like.

Later that week, he turns up in the store before opening, having walked in through our back room which was open for deliveries. The guy is spaced out of his mind. My store manager calls the cops who arrive shortly after. Apparently, he is no stranger to them. But beyond the trespassing, they can’t really do anything. The camera footage of the theft earlier in the week is still being processed, so he is released by the police.

Later that same day, he returns! Having sobered up quite a bit, he is looking around very suspiciously and is watching all our staff really closely. Thinking he wants to steal something again, we keep an eye on him and call the cops again. When they show up, they follow him around for a bit, talk to him, and convince him to go to the register. Since he hasn’t stolen something this time, they can’t do anything. They follow him to the register and stand next to him. When it is his turn at the register, he hands over his shopping, gets it scanned, and then tries to just walk away with it without paying! The officers waste no time and, of course, arrest him. Talk about a silver platter!

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