Doesn’t Recognise The Problem

| Friendly | January 16, 2017

Friend: “Hey, let’s go eat at [Restaurant]. I’ll introduce you to [Unusual Name], my godfather’s stepdaughter. You two will get on famously!”

Me: *after checking out that person on Facebook* “Oh, I met someone named like that a few years ago when we both had babies, and we didn’t get on at all. I bet it’s her. This might be awkward.”

(Come the day of the lunch. I decide not to say anything about knowing the girl if she doesn’t recognize me. Sure enough, my friend is late and I’m stuck with the girl making conversation for 20 minutes or so. She doesn’t recognize me at all. Suddenly my friend arrives and immediately says:)

Friend: “Hey! So isn’t Geneva small? You two meet again after all these years. Isn’t it funny!?”

(Aaaaaand, cue the awkwardness…)

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