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Doesn’t Realize How Numbers Work

, , , , | Friendly | December 22, 2017

(I’m at the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed. It’s fairly crowded, being a city DMV, but not ridiculously so, and they’re having us take numbers and wait. A youngish man in a tailored shirt and fancy shades sits beside me. He can’t sit still, keeps shifting, getting up and sitting down, etc. I’m right out of college and a little bit of a radical, but also pretty shy.)

Man: “Do you think their number system’s messed up? They haven’t called my number yet. I think something’s wrong with their computer.”

Me: “They seem to be calling the numbers in order as far as I can tell.”

Man: “I really think something’s wrong with their computer. They should have called my number by now.”

Me: *kind of shocked that I actually said this* “You’re not used to waiting, are you?”

(He shrugs and stops engaging me in conversation. A couple minutes later my number is called and I stand up to go.)

Man: *holding out money* “Hey! Hey, I’ll give you twenty bucks to switch numbers!”

(I walked away without a word.)

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