Doesn’t Read Them As A Rule

| Learning | November 22, 2013

(Our library lends laptop computers to students overnight as well as weekends and over half-term holidays. The rules, which students must read every time they borrow, clearly state that if the laptop is not returned on the day it is due back, a daily fine is incurred, including for the days that we are closed. A signature is required to say that they have read and agree to these rules. This takes place two days after a week-long holiday.)

Student: “I tried to return this last Monday, but you were shut, so I couldn’t.”

Me: “The library was closed all last week for the college holiday. I see here from the record that the laptop was due back on the previous Friday, however, so there will be an £11 fine.”

Student: “HOW much?! That’s outrageous! I’m not paying that!”

Me: “Unfortunately, if you don’t pay the fine, you won’t be allowed to use the library computers or borrow any items.”

Student: “This is ridiculous! There’s no way I’m paying such a big fine! Why
is it so high?”

Me: “There’s a daily charge of £1 for each day a laptop is late. As it says—”

Student: “I didn’t know about that! Nobody said anything about that! Why is there a charge if you were closed?”

Me: “As it says in the rules…”

(I read the relevant rule aloud, trying several times to make myself heard as she loudly complains.)

Student: “I never read that!”

(I point to her signature on the sign-out sheet.)

Me: “You signed here to say that you had read the rules.”

Student: “Yes, I know I signed it, but I never read them!”

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