Doesn’t Quite Raise The Bar

| Learning | May 19, 2014

(My AP European history teacher has just come back from a trip to Europe, and she’s telling the class a story from her travels in the Netherlands. She gets to where the story takes place and stops herself.)

Teacher: “No, it’s not appropriate for people your age.”

Class: “What?! What was it? Where were you?!”

Teacher: “Okay… well… it was a place for older people to… socialize with each other… and… relax…”

Class: “Was it a brothel? A hookah bar? BROTHEL?  Were you in a brothel?!”

Teacher: “NO, NO, NO, NO!”” *waves hands frantically*

(The class is now more convinced than ever that it was a brothel.)

Class: “It’s okay. You can tell us. We read [detailed section about medieval sex] in [history book].”

Teacher: “FINE. It was… a pub.”

Class: “A PUB?! You couldn’t tell us it was a pub?!”

(We were so disappointed.)

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